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Thanks for your newsletter, you really did hit the nail on the head about Maintenance and Shovel the Snow. We have listened to you and kept up with what needs to be done, so our generators and our InfoHubs did what they were supposed to do all winter! We were not at home for a few of the days that the generators were scheduled to exercise and it was a great comfort to us to get the email notices from the InfoHubs that the exercises occurred as scheduled with no problems. We really appreciate the efforts you went to last summer to get InfoHubs that would work at our house (on Verizon’s network).
You are famous in the Midwest!

I live in North East Wisconsin. My sister has been sending your Generator articles from "The Independent" for some time. I'm sure that I have missed a few issues.

I have a few questions;
Have you addressed the water cooled Cast Iron Engines offered by some manufacturers?

Have you addressed indoor installations?

It would seem that a combination of the two would greatly reduce maintenance costs and frequency on lube oil, filters and battery problems. I have a cold room (45 deg.F) next to my 200 AMP. panel close buy an unused furnace stack. The room could be sound insulated and supplied with make-up combustion air. It could be made fireproof.

Your articles are most interesting. I can't find anything comparable even Google isn't much help. There are no services near here that sell or install back-up generators. I'm a mechanical engineer and spent years in paper mills as master mechanic and plant engineer, think I can handle it.
How are you? Everything looks great. I’ve been getting weekly notifications on Wednesdays saying the engine is going on and off. We have only had one short power failure since the unit was activated. Received a text and email saying the main power went off, engine went on, power came back on and engine went off. The alarm company also sends me a text but only tells me when the power goes out so it’s nice to have the generator text saying everything is back to normal.
I want to thank you for the great service I received from you and your electrician. The work was neat and on schedule. The generator itself is attractive enough to not distract from the back yard. Last week's storm did not hit us, but I was almost hoping it would so I could see my generator in action.
Two years ago, paying attention to the threats of global warming, we had a backup generator installed (by DIRFY) and had to use it only once for 20 minutes and another time for maybe two hours. Great backup, peace of mind~~ Then came Sandy, the Frankenstorm. Monday, October 29, 2012, 7:00 PM ... Power went out a while ago, generator kicked in, storm still raging, dark outside, wind and rain, no telling when CMP can safely rectify the
problem (maybe tomorrow) but in the meantime we are so comfortable. Well worth the investment especially with the threat of more storms in the future.

Windham ME
We have had our stand-by, propane fueled GE generators for approximately a year now and we are very happy with them. In our opinion, a car is only as good as the dealership you bought it from and the same holds true for our generators. DIRFY (Doing It Right For You) generators, owned and operated by Bob Cyr, has been and continues to be a very friendly, professional, honest, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable business.

When we called about a stand-by generator, Bob came out to look at our two properties.
He arrived when he said be would and, after careful inspection of both properties, a lengthy question and answer period regarding what we wanted each generator to handle. Bob said he would get a quote to us in about a week. He did that. After comparing his proposal to others, we signed a contract. The installation of both generators and the equipment to complete the job went just as Bob said it would: on time and with no surprises. His maintenance programs are a huge plus because all facets of generator operation are covered- and all we need is provided by this one company~ at a reasonable price.

It is also great to get a "real human" when we call and, if we ever needed to leave a message, DIRFY has always gotten back to us within a few hours.
We are so pleased with Bob Cyrs DIRFY Generators, that we called Angie 's List and gave a very positive recommendation.
Thank you DIRFY
Well it has been about 1 year since you sold us and installed our new GE, 13 KW, whole house generator. This was a worthwhile investment.
As we all know, loss or power will normally come at a least convenient time. Since the Install, we have lost power on several occasions from just an hour or two up to 15 hours one day.

The GE did its job without Interruption. I also want to add that this is a clear reflection on your installation team who did a first rate job from beginning to end. Lastly, I want to thank you Bob. From the time we first met to discuss my needs through to the Install, you were always about the customer and there was never any pressure.

You presented nothing but lacts, answered my questions and let the equipment sell itsell. Thanks again Bob for this pleasant experience and for giving both Brenda and I significant peace of mind, that no matter what the weather, we will always have power.
I was pleasantly surprised at how well the process went. The generator came on time and was placed to be installed. Then the electrician came and worked on putting up a panel for the new generator. During the installation, the electrician found that our electrical panel for the whole house was corroded and needed replacement. In fact, the panel conked out during that day. The electrician (Richard) stayed for six extra hours to rush to get a new panel up so that we could have heat and light.

What impressed me was the kindness of Richard who worked solidly for hours in the cold and dark to get us back on power. He worked with a flashlight between his teeth in addition to lanterns we had on hand. He could have left us in the dark unti I the next day, but chose not to do so.
Bob Cyr, realizing that the new panel was expensive and we had not planned on the extra money needed, gave us a discount making the panel a bargain at that. This was way above what they needed to do. It assured us that Bob and his crew had our interests at heart.

Many thanks for your professional installation of my new generator.
Just a short note to let you know how happy we are with the GE 20K generator that we purchased from you last fall. Your delivery and service were exemplary. Our generator has worked perfectly when needed, and we wouldn't want to be without it. Will be calling you soon for yearly maintenance and inspection.
I am writing this letter to you today to thank you for your all of your help this past year to help our business grow. When we first met in 2011, it was apparent that your interest was in working with us without expecting anything in return. We initially exchanged marketing material and signage, and in 2012 you offered to allow us to place a dock display in front of your retail store on rt. 25 & rt. 11.

Since we placed our dock display and put our lettering on the sign in front of your store, we have received several calls from your area, and have issued over $15,000 worth of dock quotes in the town of Limington alone. Of that amount, we closed at least $5,000 in new sales. We have also received many more calls this year from the surrounding towns than we have in years past and we can attribute at least some, if not all of this new business to our dock display there.

We would like to thank you for your can-do attitude and for the boost you have provided to our business. I look forward to working with you in the future, and to returning the favor however possible.
From the moment you walked into my kitchen I knew you were a very special man. You were direct, open and honest in your sales presentation to me. There was no pressure on your part to get a sale.

I went with the GE 13 KW generator because in the long run it was a better choice for my needs. I had nothing but pure satisfaction with you and your crew from the digging of the trench to the installation of my new generator. You also recommended Maingas and I was very satisfied with their work as well.

I would highly recommend you, your crew and Maingas to anyone that was looking to buy a generator. Thank you so much for all you
have done for me.
Thank you for your prompt service.